Brightening someone's day

How do you feel when someone pays you a compliment? Try using our Thought for the Day or Gratitude cards to improve your students' day. These can be used in the office to put a smile on someones face. There are weekly thought packs and packs of blank cards to make your own.

Innovative Performance Workshops

We have a range of innovative workshops in:

Innovative Goal Setting, Teaching Techniques, Interactive Facilitation, Design Uniques Activities for the Training Room and Storyboarding for engagement.

These workshops are short half day and one day duration. The workshops are designed to assist you as facilitators and educators to re-energise your approach. Many of the activities, when added to your own bundle of ideas, will mean you put a fresh approach in your training environment.

Unique Resources

All our resources have been tried and tested in the training environment. Come in and explore some of our resources or ask about our interactive half day workshops where we share the application of the card decks and resources in the training setting. Teaching tools can also run these workshops at your training rooms to upskill your teaching team.